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Supporting the PWD community this

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The celebration of the Lunar New Year is a time of tradition, culture, and

appreciation. This year, as HAM Creations ushers in the year of the Ox,

the company is taking this opportunity to further its endeavor in fulfilling

its role to propagate inclusiveness within the community.


Culturally, HAM Creations shows appreciation towards the clients by gifting

them traditional pastries during commemorative holidays. For this Lunar

New Year, HAM Creations supports Iron Nori, a conferred "Champion of Good",

and their talented Special Needs Youth staff by procuring their tantalizing

 and mouth-watering pineapple tarts for the company's esteemed clients. 


"It is our privilege to be able to show our support for the PWD community through Iron Nori this CNY. Their Special Needs Youth staff are enthusiastic, passionate and contribute significantly to the community by spreading love and joy through their food. HAM Creations will continue to do our part in striving towards a multi-abled Singapore."


-Shigekawa Hidekatu, Finance & HR Director 

Recognising that great strides have been made to encourage and promote inclusiveness in the community, HAM Creations' latest initiative seeks to provide more significant support towards the PWD community as part of its continuing CSR effort that began in 2020. 

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