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‘We the young and strong Futurists’

GRAND PRIX | Formula1 Paddock ClubTM | VVIP HospitalitySuite

- In collaboration with Hjgher -

H.A.M Creations and Hjgher designed a Formula One Paddock Club TM VVIP Hospitality suite to celebrate Singapore's golden jubilee in a re-imagination of Singapore, through the lens of the FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX. 

Themed "We the Young and Strong Futurists", this concept derived inspiration from the Italian avant-garde movement of Futurism, which revered the Industrial revolution and glorified speed and technology. Through the evocative artworks that aimed to assault the senses, the Futurists presented to the world the triumph of the modern experience over the sensibilities of Man and Nature.

Being a relatively young state with just fifty years of independence under her belt, the team interpreted Singapore as the amalgamation of modernity, technology, architecture and Nature, a realization of the modern experience as imagined by the Futurists. Culminating in the annual FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX, the VVIP Hospitality Suite represented a futuristic time locomotive set forth in the spirit of fluidity, dynamism, and speed.

Bringing together more than 20 local artists, designers and craftsmen from various walks of life to form a specially curated series of an interactive installation in this time locomotive, inviting guests to explore Singapore's street and cityscape, Grand Prix Style.

2015 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines
Singapore Grand Prix

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