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"Future Foliage: A Survey of Singapore's Evolving Green Spaces"

 | Premium Hospitality Suite (Temasek Suite) |  

- In collaboration with Hjgher and Insert Coin -

This year, H.A.M Creations, Hjgher, and InsertCoin designed the Premium Hospitality Suite with the challenge of reinventing the F1 night race within Singapore’s Green Spaces.

"Future Foliage" re-looks at the relationship between cutting-edge technology, such as F1, and ecology through the concept of bio-mimicry, the design and production of materials and systems which are inspired by nature’s organic, effortless efficiency and beauty. As artists, HJGHER attempts to bring out nuances of how F1 has also been impacted by the natural world and imagines how this symbiosis of man and nature can further take f light.

By reflecting how Singapore weaves our natural and urban landscapes seamlessly via technology, we seek to reignite the wonder of nature in a manner that adheres to modernity and progress. Showcasing the central role of technology and design in cultivating nature through the various artistic interpretations and installation artworks based on our green spaces, the Temasek Suite will offer guests a matchless experience of the F1 race by combining the high-octane sporting event with an exquisite taste of the Eco-tourism offerings of the future.

Working together with local artists and craftsmen to transform artistic interpretations of how botanical landmarks in Singapore could look and feel like in the future, based on the precedence set by pioneers in the past 50 years and the forward-looking plans that are underway for the next 50 years. Beginning with 2-dimensional artworks with analog element, the installations grow more digital and interactive. This play of analog mediums and digital art, real and imagined plant species illustrates a multi-sensory journey from two dimensions to the fourth, from current to future states of botany in Singapore.

2016 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines
Singapore Grand Prix

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