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The F1 night street race. What was once a dream, has now become synonymous with what we know as home, and what the world knows as Singapore.


10 years represents not just 10 races, but a decade long journey of perfecting the craft of putting together not just the world’s only night street race, but the world’s best night street race. Singapore’s F1 is like a well-choreographed movement, with its ebb and flow timed to perfection, where the hearts of its streets and people are pounding in sync to a set rhythm.


Guiding guests through a thoughtful contemplation of the past ten years It’s easy to just breeze through the fanfare of it all, but why not make it so much more meaningful if we can inspire guests on a thoughtful contemplation of what went into the making of this 10-year miracle?


Rhythm in Technicolour: A Multi-Sensory Celebration of 10 Years of Singapore F1

Marrying a skin-deep celebration, with a more profound reflection of how F1 and Singapore have come together to become synonymous with one another.

To encourage a deeper contemplation of the much-anticipated 10th-year milestone of the F1 night race in Singapore, we take inspiration from the architectural movement of Metabolic Architecture in the 1960s, in our examination of how our city has morphed and responded to the F1 race. Like how metabolism architects designed cities and buildings to emulate living beings, we shall regard the Temasek Suite as a living organism, and portray through each installation, the rhythm at which each living cell of the night street race has metabolized to present the dynamic F1 Singapore Grand Prix we know today.

2017 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines
Singapore Grand Prix

"Metabolic Architecture"

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